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Discovering our Potential to Change – Attending to our Deepest Stories

Welcome, I am a Melbourne based holistic counsellor providing a safe and caring space for you to explore your inner world and its relation to all that surrounds you.

Counselling provides an opportunity for self discovery, healing and growth through the sharing of our deepest stories. The unfolding of such stories give rise to new perceptions, which allow us to access our inner resources and build on our strengths.

The holistic approach to counselling works to achieve a healthy balance by recognising the interrelation of your psychological, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Taking the time to focus on yourself in this way affords clarity and a deepening of self awareness. Counselling is an opportunity to change the way you relate to yourself, your past experiences and the world.

Holistic Counselling

  • Opens opportunities to access inner peace and fulfillment
  • Allows you to resolve troubling emotional and behavioural patterns
  • Connects you with meaning and purpose throughout life transitions
  • Offers you emotional clarity and balance
  • Helps you to transform crisis into opportunity

The achieving of such outcomes gifts one an expanded awareness and an opportunity to experience a joyful life filled with purpose and meaning.